Rolex Day-date 40mm watches

The Day-Date upgrade Ref.18238 again in 1989, carry with the new 3155 type of movement and has another outstanding update that make people can set the week and date quickly.

Rolex day-date is the symbol of outstanding and reputation, the size of classical day-date is 36mm and continued for several decades. About two years ago, Rolex launched Day-date II 41mm watches. And rolex replica launched the new Day-date 40mm watches in 2015 Basel Watch Fair.

The new Rolex Day-date 40mm has new complicated dial plate which is the combination of high technology and traditional knowledge. The pattern which made from the laser etching technology applied to the traditional sun radial costa dial plate so produced the very complicated and nostalgic effect. According to the material of watchcase, there is General sun radial costa, skew lattice grain and some other grain. The Day-date 40mm watches with skew lattice grain pattern dial plate and equipped with black track minute scale. This special dial plate adopts bar-type of luminous time scale instead of the Roma time scale, and this time Rolex launched the new type of DD which is basically the bar-type of time scale. This is the classical style of Day-date; Just the Platinium version has the Roma time scale. And as usual, at the location of 12 o’clock has a week window, the 3 o’clock position has a date window. Both of the hour hand and minute hand are classical luminous match type.

Watchcasae/ watchband
This new replica rolex watches has four kinds of material watchcase and they are Platnum, gold, Rose gold and platina. The Platnum type of watchcase just has the watch bezel and the three others have triangle grooved watch bezel. The Oyster watchcase of Rolex Day-date 40mm watches has screw-in type of bottom , double-lock crown and the water resistant to 100m